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Our Courses

English Fundamentals

Result directly offers courses from Elementary level of English, which is intended to form an intensive syllabus that also entails the basics of the beginning level. We understand that these days many of us need to improve our language skills over a short span of time and thus, we emphasize the quality and pace of the learning process. This level lasts 2,5 months on a condition of a successful pass in the exams

  • Pre Intermediate level lasts 2,5 moths.
  • Intermediate level lasts 2,5 months
  • Upper Intermediate level lasts 2,5 months
  • Advanced level lasts 2,5 months

We believe in the importance of tough exam procedures, hence we keep a strict eye on the delivery and result of the exams that take place while proceeding to the next level.

IELTS Master

Our comprehensive syllabus in IELTS Master furnishes students with a huge quantity of learning resources and these materials have been carefully selected by experts of our school. To ensure successful results, we maintain regular exams that guide students across all the learning process. This course is also crucial, as it concentrates on the nitty-gritty of IELTS and focuses on all sections of the exam.


We are proud that students of our school constitute the majority in 7+, which means that regardless of complexity in higher levels of English, our students are still enthusiastic and optimistic about their results. This course is popular for its demanding and practical insights throughout the process, especially when learning resources are encompassed. This course is highly effective as it is runby the top teachers of our country.


Exclusiveness is at the heart of everything we do in our school! To maximize students` results, we have designed a focused syllabus that only looks at the ins and outs of IELTS. This helps students to overcome problems related to time and weaknesses in particular section of these four fields, such as Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

Math in English

We understand that international universities have entrance exams on math in English, which doubles the responsibility for those students who want to apply for these universities. To minimize the burdens and maximize the result, we have come up with condensed syllabus that helps students feel ready and cheerful even for the worst case scenarios in the exam.

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